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Excerpt from President & Executive Director, Talaya Kluttz

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Hello! I’m Talaya Kluttz, the founder and executive director of Truth House Foundation.


THF was birthed out of my own life experiences. At 15 years old, I was a teen mom and by age 23 I was a single mom of four daughters. For a long time, I operated in survival mode doing all I could to care for me and my daughters despite feeling abandoned, depressed, hopeless, worthless, ashamed, ill-equipped and a whirlwind of other emotions. I was homeless, lived in poverty, was in toxic and volatile relationships and I abused drugs and alcohol.


Rewind for a minute. Soon after my first daughter was born, my mom didn’t know how to handle that so she committed my daughter and I to a group home. I was devastated. But, it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me at that time. I learned independent living and parenting skills, child development, work readiness, I graduated high school and planned for post-secondary education all while living in an empowering, healing, supportive and nurturing environment and in community with other young moms who could relate.


That was the catalyst for THF. Since 2018, we’ve been impacting the lives of young moms and their children, guiding them toward improving their quality of life by addressing one of life’s most important basic necessities; housing. Once she has overcome that hurdle, she can breath a little easier and keep moving forward.


It is my pleasure and Truth House Foundation's passion working to help pregnant and parenting youth move from homelessness to permanent affordable housing with individualized supportive services for housing stability. 

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